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Welcome to DC
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Well, friends...2018 has been an absolute whirlwind (in the best possible way)!

It's May, which means that Angelica & Co. is now officially six months new! How is this possible?!

It seems like just yesterday I was sipping wine in my Charlottesville basement apartment scheming up my future and plotting my big girl plans. Six months later I've moved out of said Charlottesville apartment, am now happily relocated to the DC area, and have a beautifully blossoming company!

It's been a fun ride and I cannot wait for what the rest of the year has to hold. Every day I'm learning something new about this big (and not so terrifying after all) new city!

So far my stops have included finding my new favorite local coffee shop (Bump n' Grind), meeting a handful of amazing new vendor friends, and successfully getting lost several times on the metro despite my best, best efforts! (Something will never change.)

A special shout out to Hannah Bjorndal Photography, Sarah Bradshaw Photography, SNAPBASH, Shear Society Studios, Tudor Place, Rachel EH Photography, Manali Photography, Ariel Lewis and the many, many more who have made me feel so welcomed in my new home! 

Super excited for this next chapter. Bring it on DC!

Introducing Angelica & Co. Weddings
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Get to know the girl behind the scenes, the company she dreamed, and how she plans to take the weddings world by storm!


It all started with a dream.

Hi! I'm Angelica Laws, Creative Director, Founder and Owner or Angelica & Co. Weddings. My weddings journey began by sheer accident. In fact, if you ask how I fell into the industry I'd tell you just that. Having been a Public Relations major and Fashion minor, the move was not intentional, but often the most beautiful of plans aren't. Much like love.

I take pride in small details and understand that in order to make something great you've got to put in the necessary work. Nothing in my life has come easily to me and neither has my success. I'm proud to say that the wedding and event education I've received has mostly all been outside of the classroom, which I believe to be the most effective.


Throughout the years I've taken a very hands on approach and have learned underneath some of the industries best to get me to where I am today. The knowledge I've gained, the guidance I've received, and the experiences I've had have all helped me help couples create their most precious of days.


With a full heart and a whole lot of love it is my absolutely pleasure to introduce you to my love child, Angelica & Co.

Have a wedding dream you'd like to collaborate on? Let's connect and get started! I can't wait to meet you.


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