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Wedding Planning 101: From A Bride's Eye
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One of my sweet, sweet brides wrote a post I just had to share. Her and I go way back to our high school days and after a decade apart and away we've reconnected byway of planning!

Oh, how the times have changed!

In honor of her upcoming wedding (THIS WEEKEND!!) I wanted to share her 5 takeaways from her planning journey and add my commentary and thoughts into the mix. 



Step 1: Hire a Planner

One of the most common misconceptions about wedding planners is that they are a luxury service and expense added to your already stretched out budget. In reality, planners are an essential part of your budget that will help you make wise and informed decisions along the way.

We're a necessary part of your planning journey that, when hiring the right planner, can potentially save you thousands


Step 2: Get Organized

Are you paper or digitally motivated? Whatever your method, stick to it! Being organized is one of the key parts of successful planning. With so many people and details involved it's easy to get lost. 

Creating a separate email account specifically for planning purposes is a good way to streamline your communication. (It's also helps to keep your lives separate from constantly being in wedding planning mode! Check your emails when intended, but turn off your notifications otherwise. Everyone needs to check out every now and then.) 

A binder with tabbed dividers is another helpful trick! Create a category for each of your vendors. Print all of your vendor contracts and proposals to have them all conveniently in one place.

Fun Fact: When you hire Angelica & Co. we keep organized for you as one less planning hassle! We utilize our online planning platform to keep all of your details organized and accessible remotely, and keep hard copies in our files (just in case)!


Step 3: Remember Your Reasons

One of the very first questions I ask my couples is "how are you at a point in your lives where you've come to having a conversation with a wedding planner?" ...Seems pretty simple, right?

Often times, it takes my couples by surprise. They're wrapped up in the idea of the wedding, what it'll look like, and how it'll be, that when we go back to basics and talk about them and their relationship its refreshing. 

I mean, that's why we're both here right? To celebrate your love and get you married!

So when the going gets tough, remember your reasons. Your end goal remains the same, regardless of the steps and outcomes in between. At the end of this all, you will be married to the love of your life.


Step 4: Take Advantage of Credit Card Perks!

Pesky little things like budgets don't always have to bring you down. They can actually get you further ahead and on the right foot after you're married!

Signing up for a credit card with perks is the way to go! Prioritize what's important to you both and chose a card that let's you reap all of those benefits. 

My Recommendation: Get a travel card and use the points spent on your wedding towards your honeymoon! 


Step 5: Be Mindful of Your Budget

Keeping yourself in check in harder than you think. If you've hired a planner, they'll help you back off the ledge!

With my couples, I let them start big and tell me all of their wildest wedding dreams. It's a great brainstorming session to see where their mind naturally is going. From there, depending on their budget, I'm able to recommend alternatives (if needed) to give them to same visual/effect that's within their budget's means.

Pro Tip: Never underestimate the power of asking questions! Don't be afraid to speak your mind and say if something is either too much or less than what you're hoping for. Planning is all about open communication, with the best of it being done with clients that turn into best friends!


Allie & Derek| Blissfully Blue Garden Wedding at The Market at Grelen
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More couples like Allie and Derek need to exist in this world. Immediately when we met, I was internally calmed (which is semi hard to do for my overactive planner brain)!

They were thoughtful and appreciative, opinionated but relaxed, funny and humble, and (above all else) they were thankful and grateful.

Planning a spring wedding at a gorgeous garden venue seems like a dream right? (Here's the part where I'm supposed to throw a 'but' in there...but I've got nothin')! It was a dream and these Molly Lichten photos are picture proof!

Thank you for allowing me to bring your big day together. Cheers to the rest of your lives!

Planning: Angelica & Co. 

Venue: The Market at Grelen

Photography: Molly Lichten Photography

Videography: John Clark

Catering: Harvest Moon Catering

Florist: Colonial Florist

Entertainment: The Dundies

Officiant: John Rooney

Welcome to DC
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Well, friends...2018 has been an absolute whirlwind (in the best possible way)!

It's May, which means that Angelica & Co. is now officially six months new! How is this possible?!

It seems like just yesterday I was sipping wine in my Charlottesville basement apartment scheming up my future and plotting my big girl plans. Six months later I've moved out of said Charlottesville apartment, am now happily relocated to the DC area, and have a beautifully blossoming company!

It's been a fun ride and I cannot wait for what the rest of the year has to hold. Every day I'm learning something new about this big (and not so terrifying after all) new city!

So far my stops have included finding my new favorite local coffee shop (Bump n' Grind), meeting a handful of amazing new vendor friends, and successfully getting lost several times on the metro despite my best, best efforts! (Something will never change.)

A special shout out to Hannah Bjorndal Photography, Sarah Bradshaw Photography, SNAPBASH, Shear Society Studios, Tudor Place, Rachel EH Photography, Manali Photography, Ariel Lewis and the many, many more who have made me feel so welcomed in my new home! 

Super excited for this next chapter. Bring it on DC!