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How To Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day
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Let’s face it…no one wants for it to rain on their wedding day. But let’s also be real, weather is the one unpredictable variable when it comes to planning a wedding.

As a planner, I’m hard wired to prepare for all types of scenarios and situations. I can take one simple action and visualize the ripple effect of changes that will happen as a result. Rain is no exception!

Often times with the weddings I plan, there’s a portion of the evening that happens outdoors. Whether this be the couples ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception 9/10 times my couples love those open air vibes. So, naturally, during our planning, we’re envisioning the most perfect Plan A day! We have the sun shining, the breeze ever so slight, and the temperature mild and comfortable so that no one breaks a sweat.

Sounds great, right?

Of course it does! But in reality, my job as a planner is to set realistic expectations with my couples. So while we’re all aiming for a perfect Plan A day, it’s my job to walk them through how we’re going to handle Plan B…just in case.

For me, it all comes down to a few things: your mindset, your mood, and your full trust.

  1. Your Mindset
    It’s one thing for it to be raining on your wedding day. It’s another for it to be raining on your wedding day and you having no clue what to do next. This is where setting expectations comes in handy!

    With my couples, it all starts with a simple conversation. It’s important for me to gauge their priorities and figure out their different levels of comforts and discomforts when it comes down to it.

    Asking the right questions to help re-train their original way of thinking is my planner trick. It’s my job to make it seem like the rain isn’t so scary after all! It’s just a part of their story that we’re needing to figure out the ending to together.

    Once they feel comfortable that I have a clear understanding of their “do's” and “don’ts” they feel much more confident moving forward that no amount of rain will drown out their love come wedding day.

    After our discussion, we’ll create a whole new set of diagrams and logistics that match the plan we all feel confident with moving forward. This will be in our back pockets in case Mother Nature decides to play games with us. All of your vendors will have been briefed with Plan B and all that’s left to do is execute— just like in a perfect Plan A scenario!

  2. Your Mood
    As extra cheesy as it may sound…attitude really is everything!

    Now that we’ve shifted your mindset on rain into a more calm and comfortable one, there aren’t any surprises. Since you know and have approved of the plan, all that’s left to do is play storm watcher and wait until it’s “go time”.

    There’s always a tinge of disappointment when it comes to a rainy wedding day— and that’s completely normal. But remembering that the end goal remains the same should wipe away any negative feelings you may have about a little water in the skies.

    After all, you’re marrying your best friend! What could be better than that?

  3. Your Full Trust
    As a planner, I am a firm believe in decency, honesty, and trust. I will treat your wedding as if it were my own and, in turn, I will always tell my couples what I would do if I were in their shoes and allow them to make the best decision for them from there.

    At this point in our planning, my couples and I have gotten extremely close. I know what they eat for lunch of Tuesdays and I know what their go to drinks are after a hard day. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing.

    So, with that being said, their full trust is all I ask. I ask that they allow me to take on the burdens of their stress and let me work my planner magic knowing that I have the best intentions, their priorities, and their vision close to my heart.

Why Do Couples Need a Wedding Planner?
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Wedding planners have a bad reputation for being one of those “luxury planning pieces”: nice to have if you can afford it, but not necessary in the long run. I cannot stress to my couples enough how important (and absolutely essential) having a wedding planning truly is.

We are more than just the keeper of all things, organizer extraordinaire's, and design divas. We are your bouncer when it comes to getting you into the exclusive vendor clubs, your saving grace when it comes to contract negotiations, and we are your best friend and confidant throughout the planning process to ensure you’re getting the absolute best deals that align with your wedding day visions at the absolute best price.

Need more reasons? Here are 5:

No. 1: They Help Make The Planning Process Stress-Free

There’s some crazy (I don’t know if proven) statistic I read that said 96% of couples planning their wedding are stressed out. That blew my mind! That means (to me) only 4% of couples getting married hired a planner, and likely only 2% of those hired a good one.

When it comes to weddings, everything should be fun and exciting! Sounds impossible, but it’s not. When you set yourself up correctly from the beginning with a proper planner you have guidance. Guidance is invaluable when it comes to making decisions, making them quickly, learning wedding etiquette, and translating your visuals and word vomit ideas into beautiful realities.

Planners help keep you calm, your ideas and families firmly grounded, and have quirky ways of diffusing uncomfortable/awkward situations that may bring on stress—because we’ve been there and have done that!

No. 2: Your Venue Coordinator Is Not A Planner

Having been a venue coordinator myself, this may be one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to weddings. It goes a little something like this.,,

You’ve found your perfect venue. Their coordinator is AMAZING! They know every single thing about the venue and have answered all of your questions absolutely flawlessly. They’re an awesome human being, you get along so great and, even better, they tell you they’ll be there all night on your wedding day. “SWEET!”

Couples are thinking: “We’ve hit the jackpot".”

Venue Coordinators are thinking: “Why is this person emailing me about flowers…?”

The tough truth is, as much as your venue coordinator would love to help you out as much as they can, they already have a full time job. They’re juggling often 50+ weddings a year. They are there to oversee your day from a venue perspective to make sure you have everything contractually that you were promised from them— i.e. tables, chairs, a non-leaky tent, AC in your reception space, and golf cart rides for far away photos.

They are NOT there to manage/direct the rest of your vendor team (photographers, caterer, florist, ceremony musicians, band/DJ, rental company, transportation, hair and makeup artists, officiant, etc.) , set up your decor, keep track of time, manage your event flow, and/or bustle your dress. That’s simply not their role…but it’s perfect for a proper planner!

You feel me?

No. 3: The Right Planner Can Get You Vendor Perks And Privileges

How? Other vendors love other “good” vendors. These are people that they’ve grown to know and love, work with often throughout wedding season, and sometimes people they even happy hour with in the off season. We call each other “friendors” and we become one another’s wedding family.

When a planner sends you to one of their favorites, you’re treated extra special. You are an automatic extension of who they already know to be an awesome person, versus just one in the many inquiries they have coming in. With this comes extra perks—like complimentary items/services. Or privileges like what I tell my couples is the “Angelica discount”.

Some of my favorite go-to vendors will extend 5-15% discounts off of their regular priced product/services simply for my couples choosing to work with me. Knowing that my couples are in the hands of a great planner, they know in turn their jobs are going to be much easier. I streamline communication, get them all of the answers they need up front, and eliminate the worry of wedding day going to shambles with a less experienced (or simply no) planner.

No. 4: We Are The Expert In Our Field

Without wanting to be know-it-all’s…we really do know it all! Or if we don’t know it, we know someone who does.

Rather than spending your lunch hour or commercial breaks during Bachelor trolling Google for wedding related questions and hoping you get a somewhat decent answer, why not entrust your wedding to someone who actually has first hand experience? Better yet, why not entrust in someone who has first hand experience that you also really like? Aka your planner!

It’s taken us planners years, sometimes multiple decades, to develop the knowledge that we currently possess. Throughout those years, we’ve had many lessons learned simply by getting in there and doing it ourselves. I know for me, I learn something new from each wedding and each of my couples. What I learn, I think take with me to the next wedding and to my next couples. It’s a knowledge snowball, if you will. The more I plan, the better I get— and the better of a planner you’ll have from me in return!

No. 5: Your Guests Can Be Guests

When it comes to planning without a planner, you likely will feel super confident in the beginning. After all, you’re a detail oriented person, right? You consider yourself to be Type A and in your real life, you plan all of the things! So why can’t you plan you own wedding?

The truth is, you can. You can plan your own wedding all the way to wedding day itself. But then what happens when your role switches from “planner” to bride/groom?

All of a sudden you realize you can’t be waiting to walk down the aisle and also cue the musicians for your music change and grand entrance. You can’t ensure your signature cocktails are prepped and ready in 20 minutes because you’re busy marrying the love of your life. And how do you move ceremony chairs from the front lawn to reception space while you’re off taking pictures? Oh boy…things just got tricky.

Tasking these roles to friends and family seems like a fine solution. I mean, everyone keeps asking how they’re able to help you, right? But in reality when it comes to planning, you should let a professional take over. Why? Because everyone else that is a part of your wedding day already has a job. Your mom is there to stand by your side, your best friend is there to wipe your tears and hold up your dress when you need to use the bathroom, and the rest of your guests are there to shake their booties on the dance floor with you! 

Leave the logistics to your planner, and trust that they'll do everything within their magical planning powers to make sure you have the best day possible.


Photo Credit: What Em Sees (top left), Nikkie Santerre Photography (right), Manali Photography (bottom left)

Wedding Planning 101: From A Bride's Eye
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One of my sweet, sweet brides wrote a post I just had to share. Her and I go way back to our high school days and after a decade apart and away we've reconnected byway of planning!

Oh, how the times have changed!

In honor of her upcoming wedding (THIS WEEKEND!!) I wanted to share her 5 takeaways from her planning journey and add my commentary and thoughts into the mix. 



Step 1: Hire a Planner

One of the most common misconceptions about wedding planners is that they are a luxury service and expense added to your already stretched out budget. In reality, planners are an essential part of your budget that will help you make wise and informed decisions along the way.

We're a necessary part of your planning journey that, when hiring the right planner, can potentially save you thousands


Step 2: Get Organized

Are you paper or digitally motivated? Whatever your method, stick to it! Being organized is one of the key parts of successful planning. With so many people and details involved it's easy to get lost. 

Creating a separate email account specifically for planning purposes is a good way to streamline your communication. (It's also helps to keep your lives separate from constantly being in wedding planning mode! Check your emails when intended, but turn off your notifications otherwise. Everyone needs to check out every now and then.) 

A binder with tabbed dividers is another helpful trick! Create a category for each of your vendors. Print all of your vendor contracts and proposals to have them all conveniently in one place.

Fun Fact: When you hire Angelica & Co. we keep organized for you as one less planning hassle! We utilize our online planning platform to keep all of your details organized and accessible remotely, and keep hard copies in our files (just in case)!


Step 3: Remember Your Reasons

One of the very first questions I ask my couples is "how are you at a point in your lives where you've come to having a conversation with a wedding planner?" ...Seems pretty simple, right?

Often times, it takes my couples by surprise. They're wrapped up in the idea of the wedding, what it'll look like, and how it'll be, that when we go back to basics and talk about them and their relationship its refreshing. 

I mean, that's why we're both here right? To celebrate your love and get you married!

So when the going gets tough, remember your reasons. Your end goal remains the same, regardless of the steps and outcomes in between. At the end of this all, you will be married to the love of your life.


Step 4: Take Advantage of Credit Card Perks!

Pesky little things like budgets don't always have to bring you down. They can actually get you further ahead and on the right foot after you're married!

Signing up for a credit card with perks is the way to go! Prioritize what's important to you both and chose a card that let's you reap all of those benefits. 

My Recommendation: Get a travel card and use the points spent on your wedding towards your honeymoon! 


Step 5: Be Mindful of Your Budget

Keeping yourself in check in harder than you think. If you've hired a planner, they'll help you back off the ledge!

With my couples, I let them start big and tell me all of their wildest wedding dreams. It's a great brainstorming session to see where their mind naturally is going. From there, depending on their budget, I'm able to recommend alternatives (if needed) to give them to same visual/effect that's within their budget's means.

Pro Tip: Never underestimate the power of asking questions! Don't be afraid to speak your mind and say if something is either too much or less than what you're hoping for. Planning is all about open communication, with the best of it being done with clients that turn into best friends!