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Bailey & Dave: A Clifton Inn Spring Wedding in Charlottesville Virginia
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In Charlottesville, you truly cannot go wrong when it comes to weddings. This beautiful mountain town is well equip with everything you would ever need, including the perfect vendors and more than ideal scenery.

For Bailey and Dave, even though they both weren’t originally from the Charlottesville area, they knew it was the perfect place for them to host their wedding. After all, it’s where they met! For them, it all started byway of tennis. Dave is a tennis instructor and Bailey was taking lessons. Fast forward years later and the two grew their love well beyond the baseline.

Their wedding was fully inspired by spring. We incorporated bright pinks, peaches, whites, and creams into their design with lush greenery accents. Letting the beauty of Clifton Inn shine was important, so only personal touches and enhancements were really needed.

To incorporate their love story without making anything too “tennis themed” we included subtle details throughout their design that were interactive and contributed to their guests experience. For their guestbook, I was inspired by the Paris Lock Bridge. When scheming up their design I thought to myself (or…let’s be real, aloud to my cats) “Why can’t we take old school tennis rackets, tiny locks, and memo tags and make a personalized piece for them to remember their wedding for their home?” Newsflash: we can and we totally did!

With guest experience being such a priority for this couple, we decided to add a photo opp area into the mix! This was another way for us to incorporate their love for tennis. Vintage rackets were used to create a massive display for them and their guests to photograph with all night. Turns out…it was a huge hit!

All things tennis aside, we kept it clean and classy. Their tablescape was nothing but pure elegance to really allow for Clifton’s food to shine. Chic vellum menu and place cards gave the table more personalization while also allowing guests to naviagate to their seat and know what’s for dinner.

It’s weddings like this that I love the most. Taking the most simple of things and bringing them all together into one perfect masterpiece.


Wedding Planner: Angelica & Co. Weddings

Photographer: Bethany Snyder Photography

Venue & Catering: The Clifton

Florals: Tourterelle Floral Design

DJ: Beats by Goodman

Desserts: Paradox Pastry

Hair: Top Knot Studio

Makeup: Rouge 9 Makeup Studio

Officiant: Jon Sarosiek

Rentals: MS Events

Tent & Lighting: Skyline Tent Company

Stationary: Minted and Etsy

Transportation: Easy Rider Bus Company

Justine & Jason| A King Family Vineyard Winter Wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia
Journal_  Justine and Jason.png

Justine and I met when I was first starting out on my new business venture. She found me on the preferred vendor’s list at King Family Vineyard and after some digging and research loved what she saw! A few email exchanges and one lunch date later we were well on our way to wedding planning bliss.

From the beginning, she was sure of a few things when it came down to her wedding. One: she wanted to create a warm and magical “winter wonderland” feel for her guests. Two: she wanted deep, jewel toned colors. (Dark green and eggplant/burgundy were her top choices! )

During our design phase, we incorporated shades of color and texture through all areas of her wedding to help create the warmth she was after. (After all, it was February!)

We had her bridesmaids dress in shades of green and grey and wrapped them in dark green shawls to keep cozy while outside during photos. The guys had ties with accents of the same color to match!

For their ceremony, we brought in beautiful over-sized trees and hung lanterns among the branches. Their ceremony took place right as the sun was setting, so this in combination with a fireplace full of candles and floral decor was the perfect backdrop and glow.

From there, it was all hands on deck as we worked to flip their ceremony space into their reception!

Pro-tip: When choosing a venue that requires you to re-purpose one room for multiple events throughout the night, make sure you have a really strong vendor team. Often times there’s only one hour to transform one space into another.

It takes a lot back-end logistics for proper planning, lots of swift labor, and a fine eye to finesse each detail before guests re-enter!

For their tablescape, it was all about layering for me. As a planner, one thing you’ll come to realize about me is that I love layers, shades, and texture! These three things really bring depth and dimension to your design in a way that is simple yet really pleasing to the eye. So for Justine and Jason, I did just that!

I centered their place settings around a few of their favorite pieces and added small details to enhance them on the table. Small touch items like their bronze napkin rings matched the charger they fell in love with in my original design. The amber water goblets added a fun splash of color and popped off of their wedding parties suits and dresses. And finally, mixing their reception layout with tables both round and rectangular really brought a neat visual aesthetic to the room.

It’s small details that make the big picture!

Overall, this one was a home run. Not only did I love them as a couple, but I’m still doing a little Angelica happy dance over their details and design!

Justine and Jason— you all are gems! Thank you for bringing me along on the ride. xo


Wedding Planner: Angelica & Co. Weddings

Photographer: Bethany Snyder Photography

Venue: King Family Vineyards

Catering: Harvest Moon Catering

Florals: Blue Ridge Floral

Ceremony Music: Terra Voce

Reception DJ: Derek Tobler

Cake: Maliha Creations

Beauty: Glo-Out [Glamour Bar]

Officiant: Monica Chernin

Transportation: Easy Rider Bus Company

Transportation: Is It Necessary?
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Transportation…it’s a tricky one! Depending on the location of your wedding venue it’s either a no-brainer YES or one of those items you really just aren’t sure about. When it comes to transportation, there always seems to be grey area.

My goal for this blog is to break it down for you while keeping three things in mind—- your venue’s location/accessibility, budget, and your guests safety.

Let’s get started!


Venue Location & Accessibility

I serve two main markets as a wedding planner, those being the DC metro area and Charlottesville, Virginia. Both have two very different vibes and very different venue styles.

The DC metro area has most things readily accessible. There are plenty of prime attractions, bars and restaurants within walking distance of most venues/hotels and, for the sake of this blog, many convenient public transportation options available. There are endless Lyfts, Uber’s, and Taxi’s for all of your guests to grab within minutes; it’s an affordable option for your guests to consider when planning for your wedding weekend.

Charlottesville, on the other hand, doesn’t have it so lucky when it comes to convenience and accessibility. Most venues in Charlottesville are in remote locations on top of a mountain you have to travel down windy and unlit dirt roads to get to. (Though I promise, they’re always worth the trips!) When you take into consideration venues like these, your guests face two challenges: cell service (there often is none) and transportation availability (many Lyfts, Uber’s, and taxi services won’t go to such remote locations—- so your guests end of stuck and stranded!) Not the best way to end and otherwise perfect wedding day.


Though many of my couples are often surprised by this, transportation can be pricey! As a planner, I try to be as transparent with my couples as possible. Setting expectations up front is key!

Regardless of your market, transportation prices can add up quickly. Some companies charge by the hour, while others will charge based on the total number of trips.

Pro tip: Find a company who charges by the hour! Through my years of planning I’ve found the hourly rates more reasonable than the per trip rates. Why? Typically you can squeeze multiple shuttle runs within your allotted hours. This eliminates the need for more shuttle buses, which cuts down on your costs, and transports more of your guests!

Your Guests Safety

Weddings are fun…we all know this! The weekend is full of celebrating with the ones you love the most; and with celebrating comes the drinking! (Nothing wrong with it!) But when your guests are indulging and having a great time, it’s nice to take the pressure off of them in some capacity by offering them a safe ride home.

If your wedding venue is in a well populated location like the DC metro area, there are plenty of public transportation options nearby for them to call within minutes. But if you’ve chosen a more remote location like the ones in Charlottesville, the worst feeling for your guests after an awesome night of celebrations would be being stranded, on top of a mountain…intoxicated.

In this scenario, help them out by pre-planning safe shuttles home! They’ll be well worth the dollars you spend by ending the night on a happy high!

Photo Credit: Nikki Santerre (top), Molly Lichten (bottom)