Amanda & Adria

"Angelica was AMAZING! I highly recommend her for any wedding in the Charlottesville, VA or Washington, DC area. We met Angelica as we were looking for our venue, and loved her from the start, but we, like newbies were on a budget and weren't sure we needed a planner. After a few months of diving into the planning process ourselves (we had a 15-month engagement period), we decided we needed help, and hired her on as our planner. BEST DECISION EVER.

The first thing that she did was sit down with us over lunch and help us get our entire ceremony straight, figuring out where the gaps and issues in our planning so far were, and helping us come up with a plan where there was none. Angelica steered us towards amazing catering, hair, DJ, and flower vendors in Charlottesville using her fabulous knowledge of the Charlottesville wedding scene.

She was cool as a cucumber when we put her on the phone with both of our mothers AT THE SAME TIME when they had questions about details of the ceremony. Every step of the way, Angelica helped us get through the process with extreme responsiveness, professionalism and quality, and she was committed to making sure we were happy with every detail. As an example, the one thing I felt strongly about was walking down the aisle to meet my wife during one very particular part of a song, and she 100% made the timing work.

There is no way we could have had the wonderful day we had without her with us at the venue. If it's not obvious by now, we highly recommend this awesome lady!!"

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Crissy & Tom

“Where to even begin? I am absolutely positive that without Angelica, our wonderful day would not have been the same. She went above and beyond - she offered thoughtful advice and suggestions, she stayed organized, and ensured we had everything prepared before going into the big day.

I can honestly say I did not have to lift a finger during the wedding weekend! She made sure everyone was where they needed to be (from vendors to family and friends), that we had everything we needed, and that everyone was having a good time. From making sure we ate throughout the day to packing our car at the end of the night, we could not have done it without her.

Even if you want to plan the wedding yourself, having Angelica by your side as your wedding month approaches helps guarantee that your day will be as you imagined it! Angelica is a wonderful person and you won't go wrong!”

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LARISSa & Fern

“Angelica was a dream to work with. My mother and I both immediately felt comfortable with her on our first tour and she was a big part of the reason we ultimately chose our venue. She was incredibly helpful during the entire planning process, I reached out to her about everything from caters to photographers, make-up, and hair, and her recommendations were the best hands down. It was clear how much she cared about my and each one of her brides special days and she worked so well with me and all of our vendors to create a seamless day (even with a rain scare). I can't say enough great things about Angelica, and how much fun it was to work with her. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking!”

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Lauren & Mike

“Our wedding weekend ran so smoothly with Angelica working as our day-of-coordinator which meant that she helped out with our rehearsal, setting up, etc. I had to send so many boxes worth of items across the country and spent so many hours planning everything out prior and Angelica just jumped right in and helped me turn all of my hard work planning/envisioning into a reality.”

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Marie & Matt

“Angelica is not only an incredible coordinator, but she is a fabulous person as well. She helped me with all my questions and walked me through all my concerns and hesitations. She is the sweetest person and made my day so special. Everything went so smoothly the day of the event. I wasn’t nervous at all about how the day was going to go because I knew Angelica was in charge and that gave me all the comfort in the world- which is what a bride needs on her wedding day! I honestly cannot speak more highly of her.”

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Natasha & Bryan

“As most of you know, planning a wedding can be equal parts stressful and wonderful. When you pick a Vendor and a Wedding Planner, you do so in hopes that most of that stress and anxiety can be replaced with joy and excitement. When I met Angelica Laws, I had high hopes that she could make my wedding journey a magical experience, and she did not disappoint! I cannot say enough positive things about Angelica. From the first moment to the last, her energy and excitement was contagious. After looking at 10 venues, we walked away from Angelica knowing that we had found our perfect match.

She goes wayyy above and beyond, always with a smile on her face! It also helps that she has developed excellent relationships with all of the Vendors in the area-they love working with her and so did I. It is so rare to find someone with as much enthusiasm about your big day as you have, that is important because as problems arise (and they will!), you need your wedding planner to be your advocate and help you with your decisions.

One thing I always appreciated about Angelica was her honesty. She wasn’t afraid to give me her opinions on all wedding ideas, which helped a great deal because she has been doing this day in and day out for years! Even something as simple as a seating chart can get tricky when you are dealing with the logistics of food and drink. She always steered me in the right direction, ALWAYS! She was hard-working and organized, she also got the entire bridal party on the same page by being assertive and confident, not bossy. Everyone walked away from my wedding telling me that it was one of the best they had ever attended-of course the venue helped, but truly it was all the other ‘details’ that did the trick. She stayed until the last bit of decoration had been properly loaded into the cars and I did not have to do a thing except enjoy my night-not a THING!

In your quest to find your best venue and planner to meet your wedding expectations, Angelica will not disappoint. I give her all the credit for pulling off one of the best days of my life. My husband and I will be forever grateful!"

[Photo credit: Jack Looney Photography]