“If you invest in me, I promise to invest in you.”





Perfect for couples who want to take the stress out of second guessing to develop a solid, fool proof plan from beginning to end that will both excellently execute and amaze. We’ll help you hand select all of your wedding vendors and guide you through every step of the planning process from venue selection to final send off.


"Let's do the dang thing!”




Ideal for couples who have a strong grasp on their must haves, dos and don’ts but need aid in tying all of the details together. We’ll provide helpful tips and tricks along the way to ensure you’re making the best decisions throughout your planning to help turn your future dreams into beautifully executed realities.





Designed for couples who are comfortable handling the heavy lifting of planning and want to relax in the months leading up to wedding day. Angelica & Co. Weddings will take over 2-3 months before your wedding date, finalized your last details, and allow for you to simply enjoy your day at ease.


“Celebrate we will, because life is short—but sweet for certain.”

Planning Packages Begin at $2,500



“Where to even begin? I am absolutely positive that without Angelica, our wonderful day would not have been the same. She went above and beyond - she offered thoughtful advice and suggestions, she stayed organized, and ensured we had everything prepared before going into the big day.

I can honestly say I did not have to lift a finger during the wedding weekend! She made sure everyone was where they needed to be (from vendors to family and friends), that we had everything we needed, and that everyone was having a good time. From making sure we ate throughout the day to packing our car at the end of the night, we could not have done it without her.

Even if you want to plan the wedding yourself, having Angelica by your side as your wedding month approaches helps guarantee that your day will be as you imagined it! Angelica is a wonderful person and you won't go wrong!”

- Crissy & Tom